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Preppy Health

Sexual Health made accessible.

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Preppy App

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Upcoming Features

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Contact Exchange

As soon as you are close to each other, open the app and tap on the other user’s icon. The app then saves that you met, without sharing any personal information.
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Risk Notifications

As soon as a former contact enters that they have symptoms or they got tested positive for an STI, you will be notified anonymously via a push notification.
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Symptom tracking enables users to enter any abnormalities, from a headache, to itching, to discharge from a body part. That way, you can keep your own history of how you felt.
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Health Education

Educational material of the app provides evidence-based health information on sexually transmitted infections, HIV, PrEP, and safer sex.

Sexual Health at Home

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Order one of our at-home testing kits for chlamydia, gonorrhea or syphilis. Test yourself anonymously from the comfort of your own home and receive lab-proof test results right in your Preppy app.
Available soon!
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